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Inmate Christmas Sack Program for 2012, St. Dysmas of South Dakota

Each Christmas Eve, the inmates of the South Dakota State Penitentiary, Mike Durfee State Penitentiary and the Minnehaha County Jail are remember with a “Christmas Sack” provided by churches, groups and individuals from this area. It includes peanust, hard candy, a candy cane, homemade fudge and a handmade card. This letter is to ask for your participation in this important project. Please see the schedule (attached). We will fill the sacks on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at Eastside Lutheran Church for SDSP and December 20th for MDSP. If you are willing to volunteer contact St. Dysmas at (605) 338-1735.

1. Home Made Fudge – Recipe is attached. The recipe and wrapping instructions must be followed exactly otherwise the fudge will not be allowed in the prison. Please mark the number of pieces of fudge on the outside of your container.

2. Handmade cards – Preschools, youth groups, Sunday School and confirmation students are invited to make cards. Please note the guidelines for card making are attached and must be followed exactly or the cards may be rejected.

3. Money – Donations for purchasing peanuts, hard candy, candy canes and sacks are always highly appreciated and can be sent to:

Christmas Sacks – St. Dysmus of SD
1300 E. 10th St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

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